Terms & Conditions

We, at BitPium, wish to create the most amazing experience for all our users using our website. In order to create an optimum environment and to ensure that our website is being used for proper purposes it is intended to serve, we have created a set of terms and conditions which every user is required to agree prior to using our services. We urge using or visiting BitPium.com to read through the following terms and conditions thoroughly to be fully aware of your legal responsibilities and rights as a user/visitor.

Agreement to Terms and Conditions

Every user/visitor is bound by the following terms and conditions as they serve as a legal contract. In case, you do not agree with any the terms or conditions set forth in this document, you should leave this website immediately. BitPium reserves the right to make changes to this agreement at any point and existing/new users will be informed of any such changes accordingly. While BitPium will ensure to notify users promptly of any such changes, users are urged to check this page regularly for any updates or amendments in the terms and conditions.

Failure to acknowledge any changes will not be deemed as a viable excuse for violating any rule or regulation. On the other hand, it is imperative that you provide us with your updated contact details so that you can receive notifications regarding any updates/amendments promptly. Furthermore, using its sole discretion, BitPium can refuse service or access to any individual for violating any of the terms and conditions which govern the website.

Jurisdictional Restrictions

Bitpium provides comprehensive financial services which might not be lawfully allowed under certain jurisdictions. Before accepting BitPium’s terms and conditions you must first ensure that you do not reside in a state where trading in cryptocurrency is prohibited by law. Therefore, it is imperative that you ensure that you do not reside in Germany or any state for that matter which may have laws prohibiting the use of services offered by BitPium.com. We, at BitPium, would not hold any responsibility for individuals violating their local jurisdictional law(s) by using our services.

Registration and User Accounts

To be able to access BitPium and use our services, users are required to provide information such as mobile phone number and first/last name to register themselves. As we require minimum information for registration, the only prerequisite we have is that any information you provide at the time of registration is 100% accurate and complete. In case you provide inaccurate, false information or any details which are vague and incoherent, BitPium has the complete autonomy and right to reject your application and restrict your access to the website and its services. Our users are bound by the following rules and any violation of them might lead to account suspension:

  • Users are not allowed to make and run accounts on any third party’s behalf acting as a broker or an intermediary. The website and its services are to be used for personal use only.

  • Users have the right to use their accounts for trading on the BitPium.com. Although, users are only allowed to use one account at a time to trade on the platform provided by BitPium.com.

  • The user is responsible for the safety of their username and passwords. BitPium.com ensures utmost security from its end but the protection of user ID, passwords, and personal identification details is the sole responsibility of the user himself/herself.

Trade Conflicts

BitPium strives to create an optimum trading environment for all its users and in order keep the process streamlined, we have devised a cogent conflict management strategy. In any event, where individuals have a conflict during trading on the BitPium.com platform, the support staff will act as a mediator to resolve any disputes or conflicts.

  • Once a dispute or conflict has been reported to the BitPium support team, the team will first assess the situation by collecting all relevant information such as payment receipts, text messages, e-mails, and any other data which might be helpful in resolving the conflict.

  • In case, where there is lack of response from one side, either the buyer or the seller, the support staff will decide in favor of the responsive member.

  • Once a trade gets confirmed by the seller and is canceled by the buyer due lack of payment, the trade will be considered to be finished and hence cannot be disputed or altered.

  • Furthermore, if either party –the buyer or the seller, provides false or inaccurate information in a dispute hence making a false claim, it would be considered as a direct and severe violation of the terms of the agreement.

  • Lastly, if the user (buyer/seller) provides payments details which involve any other modes of payment other than local bitcoins, the conflict would be resolved without taking the payment details into consideration.

Fees and Pricing

Bitpium offers services to users around the world for fees which are charged and calculated according to every transaction and advertisement.

There are no charges for signing up or making an account on the website. The pricing principles set by BitPium are in line with its vision to provide exceptional services in a discreet yet secure manner. The fees will involve charges based on the percentage of the size of the transactions being carried out through the platform provided by BitPium.com.

Alternatively, users will be charged a fee for the trade they do within the website to promote their trades. The charges for the fees will be calculated accordingly and may be deducted from the wallet and subsequently, deposits can also be made in a similar fashion. Furthermore, the fees charged by the website may also include a percentage for the merchant(s) invoicing services. Additionally, the website may also charge an hourly fee for any customized assignments you order from the website.

The calculation of the fees will rely upon the size and nature of the transaction and users will be informed about it beforehand. Moving forward with the transaction will be deemed as an agreement to pay the fees and therefore cannot be disputed later on. Similarly, the fees involved in creating advertisements will also be calculated accordingly by the website. Henceforth, any members or users seeking to utilize any of the aforementioned services are liable to pay the agreed-upon fees/charges to the website.

Block Chain Divergence and Other Cryptocurrencies

BitPium.com may introduce new and upcoming currencies to further diversify its payment and trading options, ensuring that its users have a wider range of options to choose from. This may also include ways which will allow individuals to trade their bitcoin to an equivalent amount on a different block chain currency. BitPium reserves the right to decide the way the website incorporates the latest trends in cryptocurrency or block chain divergences into its services. If required, the block chain which will be considered as Bitcoin will be determined using this very agreement.

Bitpium will try its best to update its users regarding the decisions made for new divergence in cryptocurrency in advance. In a situation, where the website decides against supporting a new cryptocurrency, the website may compensate its users who held bitcoins in their accounts at the time of airdrop. To further clarify, the website may compensate users by converting all available cryptocurrencies into bitcoin. Although the website reserves the rights to charge a conversation fee for such transactions. The fee charged for conversion can be any reasonable amount but not more than total amount being compensated by the website. While the website might try its best to do so, it is certainly not obliged or in any way liable to compensate its users.

Additionally, while managing a block chain split, the website might suspend its services on a temporary basis to ensure security and privacy. The services will be put on hold as soon as the website makes a decision under this section.

BitPium simply cannot assure its users that the decisions made under this section will always be according to the desires of its users and will be reliable. However, in the case as a user, if you feel if our decision is not well-informed and is not suitable according to existing market trends, you are advised to withdraw your balance and manage your finances at your own risk elsewhere. The website, in any case, or situation whatsoever, is not liable for any losses, damages, expenses of harm incurred by the user while exercising our rights under this section or any other section of this agreement.


One of the cornerstones of BitPium is the utmost security of peer to peer transactions from all over the world. Therefore, it is imperative that the users/members play their role in ensuring their own security. User passwords must only be used by a single member only. The member is solely responsible for keeping his or her password safety and will be liable for any security breaches if he or she shares his or her password(s) with other individuals. If BitPium detects any unusual activity from your account, you may be asked to change your password immediately.

Furthermore, if the user chooses a password which falls short of the password security standards set by the website, BitPium reserves the right to alter the password or suspend your account. Moreover, the users are prohibited from using third party services which may interfere with the security of the website and compromise the quality of the services BitPium provides to its users. Any tools which can endanger account security such as password cracking programs are strictly prohibited and will result in permanent suspension from the platform. In case, any user is found to be involved in an activity which compromises the security of the website, BitPium reserves the right to take legal action against him/her. In any case, the decision of the website will be final and binding on all its users.