Bitpium enables the users to exchange local currencies to bitcoin even in the places that are out of traditional bank system’s reach and all over the world. The services offered by us has laid down the foundation of bitcoin economy with the aim of expanding it worldwide.

Being the initiators of promoting trade in the new era borderless economy, our members are from almost every possible country and culture one can imagine. Our site aims to promote a borderless access to bitcoin and trade for everyone around the globe.

The website presently employees 10 professionals among which some work in Helsinki and Finland. While others work around the world. It all depends on the type of work we are looking for ranging from on-site employees to remote freelancers. The two useful things in our work is international background and language skills.

We believe that cryptocurrencies and block chain technology are going to stay back in the economy and will use extensively in future.

Being a young company, we are more towards directions rather than being specific. People with flexibility, working out of the comfort zone and open-mind are considered as suitable for this job. The core interest in bitcoin and its trends is also preferred as a positive point for this job.

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