About Us

Bitpium is a peer-to-peer trading site. We at Bitpium offer platform to individuals who want to buy or sell Bitcoin in various payment methods. You can trade from any country with your local traders based on your current location. With multiple advertisements you have the opportunity to select whatever advert suits your needs. Either you can meet trader in person and exchange with cash or trade online with online banking.

What makes us different from our competitors?

  • No verification restriction for trading. For best offers you may be required to verify your account via mobile number or ID (some traders want to trade with verified accounts only).

  • 1 confirmation deposit.

  • Trading takes matter of minutes.

  • Wide range of payment methods supported.

  • Instant inter funds transfer.

  • Account verification by mobile number & 2-factor authentication.

  • Option to cancel trade request before it is accepted by trader.

  • Ability to talk to trader even before he/she accepts the trade.