About us

Bitpium.com is a peer-to-peer bitcoin trading site.

Alternatively, users will be charged a fee for advertisements they create within the website to promote their trades. The charges for the fees will be calculated accordingly and may be deducted from the wallet and subsequently,

Transcending beyond the realm of regulated financial transactions, BitPium offers its customers to directly communicate and transfer funds without any hassle. From free advertisements to private and secure transactions, BitPium offers complete control over your financial matters in a hassle-free manner.

Core Values

Bitpium.com is led by its core values of financial independence, security and utmost privacy for its users. Our main purpose is to offer our users a risk-free, secure and reliable trading platform.


BitPium.com is empowered by its mission to provide BTC traders with a secure and reliable platform to buy or sell bitcoin from anywhere in the world. We, at BitPium, have a mission to ensure both traders and buyers have a secure and reliable marketplace to trade BTC. Our objective is to cater the needs of essentially two types of users; traders and customers.

  • Traders - Individuals with experience in trading in BTC who are interested in a long-term relationship with BitPium by buying and selling bitcoins through our platform. In other words, individuals who are looking to develop their own personal profile as a reputable trader.

  • Customers - Individuals who are only interested in buying and selling bitcoin, rather than developing their personal profile and reputation as a trader.


The vision behind the conception of BitPium.com is to develop an escrow service for buying and selling bitcoins which transcends beyond the existing market standards. BitPium envisions to become the market leader by meeting and exceeding the expectations of its clients. We, at BitPium, intend to leave no stone unturned to reach our goals and objectives.

What Makes Us Different?

Our decentralized financial model allows users to interact with each other directly. In contrast with centralized trading websites and trading platforms, BitPium goes to great lengths to provide greater independence, privacy, and control to its users over their financial transactions. Our registration process is extremely simple and deposits can be made almost instantaneously. With our unique user-friendly interface and decentralized design, you can send and receive payments from all over the world in the secure and private way!